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Quick Question

More spoilers for last night AtS.

Was it just me, or during the scene after Spike puts the stake into Angel's shoulder, when Spike says something along the lines of he should have dusted Angel but shouldn't because she'd (Buffy?) be angry, Spike kept on looking off screen, as if he wasn't really talking to Angel at all. I'm not sure what this means, but with that kick ass ending last night, I'm sure if it does mean something, it'll definitely be worth it.

Also, anyone else notice that even when both vamps were sans soul, Spike acted a lot more human than Angel. Hence another reason I thought the BtVS writers copped out by having Spike reclaim his soul. It would have been a whole lot more interesting seeing non-soul Spike interacting with soul Angel and see Spike behaving more like a hero than Angel. But, I know how it works. Since it's Angel's show, Spike wins the first round, with Angel winning the war. *Sigh*. Oh well. At least I get Angel-angst in the meantime.

Oh yeah, anyone else think Angel's a punk because he gets pissed when Spike mentions sleeping with Buffy? Wonder if he would have gotten that huffy if Spike said he wanted to shag coma-Cordy? If it's any indication, I hope this behavior comes back and bites Angel in the ass when Cordy wakes up. Yes, I said when. Because I know for a fact that Charisma is guesting for the 100th. Whoo hoo!!!

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