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Yet another reason that people suck

Yes, it's a tragedy about what happened in London earlier today, but I'm finding myself feeling very indifferent to all of it after today. I have an uncle and aunt that live in London, and the first thing I did when I found out about this was to call them to see if they were okay. Big surprise. They weren't.

Apparently someone smashed out their windows with rocks out of retaliation. And this was after my uncle was accosted by the police in one of the subway tunnels simply because he looked 'funny'. Nice one. I could tell from his voice that he was shaken by the treatment. Let me get this out in the open. My uncle is a fucking saint. That man would literally give me (or anyone) the shirt off his back if it meant helping someone that needed it. So, when I heard this, I couldn't help but think back to 9-11 and all the shit I went through after the Towers came down.

It didn't matter that I had two friends that died in the Towers, I was Muslim, so that meant my ass needed to be kicked. Twice.

So I really don't envy my uncle and aunt right now. This is just the beginning. I've lived through this shit and am still living through it. London has been scarred irrevocably just as the US was four years ago. Of course you won't see this shit on the news. Because, let's face it, they're just towelheads/sandniggers/carpetbombers/obligatory derogatory term. Silly rabbit, they're not people.

So, yes, it's a tragedy. But, you know what? When someone at work says, 'Fucking Muslims. We should kill every last one of them,' I gladly say fuck you to the entire human race. I say fuck you to your narrow views about religion. I say fuck you to your hatred and pettiness and downright idiocy. But, most of all, I say fuck you to all you dicks that have the same mentality as said coworker. And I hope you all burn in hell you goddamn cocksuckers.
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